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BY KATY MOELLER - John Wilson Introduces West Angeles Youth to Boise State
Copyright: 2010 Idaho Statesman Published: 08/04/10

"Ryan Crutchfield, Charles Sims and Daejon Moore graduated from three different high schools in Los Angeles. The teens have different career objectives and their lists of prospective colleges contained few of the same names. But all three ended up at the same university: Boise State.

"At first it was like, Boise - what's out there in Boise?" said Crutchfield, a self-described technology geek who plans to study computer engineering.

A deacon at the teens' church in L.A. suggested they give Boise State a look, and the church subsidized or covered all costs for their visit to campus. West Angeles Church of God in Christ provides extensive educational support for its youth, many of whom are economically disadvantaged.

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Here is just one of several emails received by Deacon Wilson in response to this article:

"Hello Deacon Wilson,

My name is Eric and I live in Boise. I'm on my lunch break right now, and I happened to grab today's copy of the Idaho Statesman which has the article about you and your work with the children in your church featured on the front page.

I was so moved by this story that I quickly called down to West Angeles COGIC and requested your email address so I could say thank you!

I'm an Idaho native (even grew up on a farm! A true native!), and I love my state, my city and my school (Boise State)! So I think what you're doing with BSU is fantastic, but my appreciation for your work runs so much deeper. I can tell you are a man deeply rooted in your faith and you have a true calling on this Earth to help those around you. That is something that seems to be getting harder and harder to find.

To me your work isn't about race, or even culture. It's about a man who is doing his best to help these wonderful kids be the best that they can be. It's about helping them break down those walls that are put there by society that can make us feel trapped. It's about helping these children achieve great things.

I'm 29, and my wife and I have two small children, and I can only hope to be the kind of man that you obviously are. It's examples like yours that I challenge myself to live by every day!

So thank you again for all of your hard work and dedication! You truly are a special spirit.

Your friend in Boise,

Eric M."

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