Westerly School - Long Beach

In cooperation with the Westerly School in Long Beach, John Wilson has provided math enrichment to middle school students in the Long Beach area. In 2009, John taught a summer math camp to incoming 6th, 7th and 8th graders. These classes were open to anyone in the community, and required a pre-test evaluation prior to the start of each session, a post-test evaluation on the last class day, and a parent meeting review held the Monday evening after the two-week session concluded.

This fall, John Wilson has taught an afterschool Math Topic Review course exclusively for Westerly 5th through 8th graders to review the topics learned that week, to provide math homework assistance, and to support the teacher in providing basic skills review to those who need it in order to succeed in pre-algebra and algebra. This program will continue in 2010 at Westerly.

In addition, John designed and led a series of prep sessions for the ISEE test, a private school entry test, in conjunction with partner Princeton Review. John also provides private tutoring to students who need additional math help on an as-needed basis.

John Wilson can be reached at West Angeles at (323) 733-8300, Ext. 2628.

Westerly 2009 Summer Math Camp Flyer and Program Information

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